The Erotic Writings of Sexy

I Love Dick

I wrote this little poem in just a few short minutes after meeting with a friend, Dick, in May 2006

AND I meant every word!!

I Love DiCk!

Thin or Thick

Smooth and STRONG

The Short or the Long

Give Me a Head


Taking a SiP

Like dew on a Flower


For More than an HOUR

Soft tip on my lips

I just had some


I want more

How can you ever say….

Enough is Enough?

There’s still time in the day!!

If you love Dick,

Then you know how I FEEL

It’s a Sensual Treat

Sexy’s Favorite meal!!

Dick Get over here!!

Kisses to all of the Dick’s in my life!!

And the very next day, my Gentleman friend wrote me this poem. :)

I love pussy.
I like hot and wet, if I could get some I’d be set. I’d could eat it for hours you can bet. Have it dripping, I won’t stop licking, squirting is how I’m wishing. Just the taste of it on my face, fingers, nose, and lips. I could drink it down or tease it with a sip. and drive you wild when tongue flicks your clit. ummm gotta go to get something sweet to eat…..

Giving and sharing.

I love it when a guy uses his imagination and shares it with me…especially a SEXY imagination.

2 responses to “I Love Dick

  1. Ryan says:

    I knock on her door, it slowly opens to reveal her in the low cut blouse, short skirt, stockings and heels I had instructed her to wear. We embrace and DFK, settle in for a glass of wine. She knows now to put on a show masturbating in her favorite position and with her preferred toys while I enjoy the wine from my seat and watch. With her skirt bunched around her waist and blouse unbuttoned she reaches her first orgasm of the evening.
    She now walks over to me after catching her breath and sipping the wine. She kneels between my legs, I tie her wrists and another necktie about her neck so I can direct her head and mouth as needed on my cock. I resist coming in her mouth.
    I lean her over the edge of the bed and lick her tasty juices from her cunt, then impale her, still wrist -bound, but again resist the urge to come.
    Now I roll her onto her back, her head hanging over the edge of the bed as I feed her the cock she has wanted to suck and swallow for the past hour, this time I let her have her way. The orgasm is complete ecstasy.

    See you Tuesday night!

  2. dominic says:

    Sexy carolina, the thought of you displaying yourself with your favorite toy while I sit and watch,gently stroking my cock showing you all the pre cum is so hot.

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