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Hello Sexy Raleigh Friends

Let’s have some morning glory on Wednesday

Im available between 9 am and 1pm BOOK it now and save 50

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Good Morning Sexy Friends Richmond Aug5-7 Charlottesville Aug 7-9

Sunday evening I will be in Richmond for a few nights with a stop in Charlottesville before driving back to Raleigh

I am Fit for Fun

Book me please

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I’m in Charleston


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Raleigh Prebook incentive

Prebook in Raleigh 24 hours in advance =20% off

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Charleston July 18-20

Heading to the hottest city in the South next week

And when I get there it will be hotter!

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Summer Sex

Best thing to do when you want to get out of the heat

Get naked

With me

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It’s my birthday this week

I’m a bit under the weather

I came down with a flu yesterday.

It’s my birthday this week and if we don’t get to celebrate this week, I hope to catch up with you next week.

We can have an un birthday celebration or celebrate in our birthday suits😛

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I moved, yes! But I’m still in Raleigh 🙃

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Sexy Friends

I spent the last few weeks packing moving and with my family.

I need more time with my Sexy Friends

Mentally and physically and financially, I need my Sexy Friends….

Please reach out and touch me

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Cock Caressing

Cock Caressing is one of my favorite activities.

It is nothing like a hand job

I have sensual hands

You can feel it

I feel it

My hands are tender and smooth

They react to the change in your cock that they create

I feel like they get mesmerized in their approach

Slow rhythmic tender fingers

Cock Caressing is Sexy

I’m Sexy

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