The Erotic Writings of Sexy

Cock Caressing

Cock Caressing is one of my favorite activities.

It is nothing like a hand job

I have sensual hands

You can feel it

I feel it

My hands are tender and smooth

They react to the change in your cock that they create

I feel like they get mesmerized in their approach

Slow rhythmic tender fingers

Cock Caressing is Sexy

I’m Sexy

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I’m moving

So many things are moving

Especially me

Boobs bouncing during cowgirl

Fingers stroking cock

Hips pushing back during standing doggie

My sexy slender body moving all over yours in nuru gel

Cock rings vibrating balls with a swollen cock

Spring is in the air and so are my sexy long legs on your shoulders

I’m moving and you have the chance to move with me

I’m offering a moving special thru April 15

*****60 mins /250 M-F 10 am -4pm ONLY must be booked 24 hrs in advance

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Asheville March 11-14

I’m very excited to be visiting Asheville this Sunday March 11 through the 14th

I am hoping one fine sexy mature gentleman will be able to meet me Sunday night for a Sexy Flirty Dinner 😉 I was booked Sunday evening but my dinner date has canceled due to a sick family member. So please check your schedule and let’s make a date!

I have some other availability during my stay so please send me an email

Hugs and Licks

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Like fine wine

He said…

I am a very fine wine with a rich aroma and a full, delightful body. Anybody who does not recognize this is a fool.

I said…

Like fine wine, I am aged to perfection. I am doing everything in my power to be healthy fit and happy.

I don’t post my real age on advertising sites, for a few reasons.

For instance on the erotic review they only offer over 50.

So I go with that for this reason.

When I post my real age I get this

Old Hag

Dried up whore

When I started this journey I could have easily lied about my age, because I do look younger. I did not.

But like every business there is competition and envy and on the net…trolls.

I don’t want emails calling me an old hag, and many other hateful expressions.

Take me for what I am.

A healthy mature sensual giving sexy loving woman.

As far as my photos go

My last photo shoot I posted every photo unedited

In my photos I hide my face

I spent decades giving to my community and I want my sexy life to be private.

Take me for who I am

I went back to school in my 40s, but I did not make the Deans List

I made the Honor Roll

Go Duke

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Quickie Quip

I recently decided to include a Quickie Massage

I understand and can relate to time and financial and even release issues

This morning was my first.

The Gentleman came to my door carrying a gift bag. What a surprise that was, all on it’s own. But when I reached inside and pulled out a VS Bra and 2 panties, I was floored!

Now I realize that every Quickie won’t be carrying in a gift bag, but the bar has been raised!

Happy Tuesday

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Sexy Flirter

I had the Sexiest Flirter for dinner last night!

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More thoughts

Earlier in the week, I met with a gentleman. I had a great time. In the envelope was a gift, but it was 20 less than it should have been. I recounted it twice

But I did not contact the gentleman

I would not do that for 20

Anyway I get a text several hours later asking me if the envelope was short and that he had found money in his pocket. He agreed to drop it off under my mat. What a wonderful gesture

When I found it the next day it was folded into a bow tie.

I have it in my car

The next person I see pandering at an intersection, I am giving that to them. The value for me is much greater than 20. I feel rewarded already.


There have been many instances when my donation has been short by at least 20 and I have just lived with it

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Sitting still is hard for me

This morning I was up early. I’m away from home and I miss and love my dogs and I know they miss me.

I’m visiting Charlotte. Lots of interest over the years, but not really a home run for pleasure for me. I am more successful in Raleigh, Richmond, DC, Asheville. But I came.

One person who has asked to meet me 3 times in the past sent me a msg thru p411 asking for a meeting. I obliged, only to find out he was visiting Raleigh as I was visiting Charlotte, yet his p411 request was for Charlotte.

This morning I had a meeting scheduled with a gentleman I met in Charlotte before and also at my place in Raleigh

We communicated I sent hotel info numbers etc last night….nothing today no call no show

What I find frustrating is

Time for me is valuable.

I could be loving my dogs

Working out at my gym

Hiking with my friends

Sleeping in my bed

BUT, I’m not.

I’m sitting

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Fantasy Football

I won my division this year and went to the playoffs

After losing Antonio Brown I then lost my chance to win and I took 4th

But I am ready for next year

Lord, please let the Jaguars beat the Pats

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“Sexy,  Please Suck My Cock!”

Most of my friends know that I am a Cock Teaser! Because I tell them. But I also say that I’m a Cock Teaser that delivers!

Just picture your Cock in my capable hands. They are the most sensuous hands you will ever feel. I’m in no rush during my Hands on Cock time. My hands just love Cock! I have perfected a few moves that give my hands pleasure. Yes, my pleasure! Cocks in my hands are very responsive. I know your hard cock loves my slow sensual strokes,  hand over hand and finger stroking moves. 

You might be wearing a Cock Ring with a vibrator on your balls, your choice. I do recommend them and I have a new one for all of my cocks! About this time, I know what you are thinking. Because I warned you before I started. At some point you want to say it, and I feel ya! 

But I’m a Cock Teaser! 

Who delivers!

Finally, I let you know that I’m waiting for those magic words!

“Sexy, Please Suck my Cock!”

First, I’ll just take the head and hold it in my mouth. Like a hug!


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