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The Big Bad Wolf = Yummy

on December 12, 2012

Yesterday I met the big bad wolf.
He was a mature gentleman over 60
We were sitting on the couch having a bit of conversation and a sip of Red
I went to snuggle closer
My hand brushed his thigh and I felt something HARD
I said,”I feel something hard” and I smiled
He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, which from that moment on was The Big Bad Wolf!!
I said how did that get so hard, with a coy smile 🙂
He replied, “YOU”
So we must have sat there for 10-15 mins and I kept my hand on that hard cock.
It was mine! 🙂
When he was getting ready to leave he said, “You are something else, alright!”
I am sure he meant SEXY!