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Fantasy Football week 3-4

I still won my week 3 but week four will be a tough one
I had benched Victor XCruz, thinking he was still injured but he scored lots of points for my bench!! ARGGGH
I need another QB!!
Thanks for all of your gifts, thoughts and desires
Can’t wait to see you again!

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Fantasy Football Week II

I won my match this week. I was back and forth as far as which QB to start and finally went with Vick and benched Kaepernick. I also have the Seattle defense so you can understand my dilemma.
I have one player in tonight’s game and with his points will also have the highest score in my league for the second week.
I plan on picking up a rookie SD WR Eddie Royal this week….I hope and another TE I will have Reggie Bush and Davis on the injury list/Q
I have been sick all weekend through today. Thank goodness for sports…helps the healing 🙂
Love to all of you sexy sportsmen!

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Fantasy Football Week 1

What an exciting week for me. This is my second year playing FF
I love it
This year I am in a league of 10 teams
I am the only female
I ended up winning my match and also scoring the most points in the league!
I scored 158 and I even had Kaepernick on the bench. Next week he is staring and I have Michael Vick on the bench. 53 plays last night in a half was awesome. I have been following the Eagles for a decade and see the whole team have an awesome game …I was pinching myself.
I’m lucky I drafted some talent. I have Reggie Bush and Calvin Johnson. not to mention Victor Cruz, Matt Forte, Vernon Davis.
Grandmother duties and soccer

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