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on November 12, 2013

Carolina 2_14_L

I won the regular season but I ended up losing the final
It was sad…but then so was Calvin Johnson.
I love you guys
Happy Fucking New year
And lets make a NY resolution to FUCK more!Week 12
I’m winning winning winning and so is Duke Football and Auburn. That was some awesome football.
Playoffs start next week and I have a bye.
Hope to finish the season with a win tonight and be 11-2
Week 11
I own first place in my league, with a 2 game advantage.
Week 11 once again Calvin Johnson led my team to a win. I had a bench full of points with Antonio Brown leading in bench points.
But I also played Matt Forte and Victor Cruz and Reggie Bush…who was a disappointment. Nick Foles was a winner for me again this week.
The Steelers surprised the heck out of me. The Panthers game was like The Super Bowl all over again and this time the Panthers win!
That was a hell of a game!

Week 10
I am now the sole owner of first place
Thanks to Nick Foles and Calvin Johnson.
Love you and Go Duke!
What a night for hoops!