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Donald Sterling banned for life

That is the best news of the week. I stayed up late last night to watch the Clippers. JJ Reddick is one of my Duke Blue Devils and I always try to follow them. I was glad to see the Clippers get the win. Thursday night game should be a good one.


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Spring Fever

I just spent the week with my beautiful granddaughter. Oh what a joy!! The first day began packed with fun and sun but later that night she came down with a fever. 5 out of the 6 days she was with me I wore the nurse hat. She had Scarlett Fever and Strep Throat. And while all of this was going on I came down with Spring Fever!! The cleaning kind. While she was laying down I was tearing up my closets, cleaning drawers, washing walls, woodwork(I left a window cracked when I was out of town and some pollen came in) I cleaned and I feel cleansed!! For me cleanliness is next to Godliness!

This weekend is going to be special. I have a friend visiting me for 3 WHOLE days!!
I’m looking forward to the intimacy and yes of course the sex and companionship and the fun and games….I have a few plans and I have a delicious bottle of PerrierJouet and some Grey Goose Pear!! When did they come up with that flavor? I love Grey Goose. We have several fun activities planned including the Durham Bulls, The Umstead Hotel, Dinner dancing and a limo!!

After this week of Spring Fever I am ready for Mr Handsome Stud!

I have a resolution and it is to write more in my blog.
Thoughts are always popping in my head…yes in the middle of sex, too! I know I ask you to remind me of those silly quips but we get caught up in the moment!
Here’s to Spring! And what better way to put a spring into your step….get naked with me!!


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Looking Back


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