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My Garden is POPPING with color

on May 2, 2014

Yesterday I spent the majority of the day driving. I have 2 dogs that are VERY different in appearance. They are almost 7 years old and have never been boarded. It is truly because of them that I didn’t start to travel until recently. Together they weigh in at 130lbs…needless to say I have my hands full. They are now in very capable and loving family hands! So….late last night I stepped out unto my garden patio to water my flowers and herbs, and my eyes lit up! I love flowers and gardening. I have been gardening since I was a young kid and yes both of my thumbs are green! And I am happy to say that my garden is popping with color.Rreds and pinks are the color theme along with the glorious shade of lavender.

The Clippers….I was crawling into bed and thought I would catch up on some ESPN Sportscenter. My TV when turned on…opens with ESPN. I love sports more than sex. No man can agree with me, which I can relate to!! Anyhoo, as i am watching I realize the Clippers are playing but it is 1230, surely the game is almost over. I find the game….third quarter. I start to watch…I doze off…I wake back up…I watch with one eye…it get’s close and I am now watching with both eyes!! I want the Clippers to win! but I guess one more game will decide the series!

I hope there is something POPPING in your garden! If not come over to my garden! popping is guaranteed!