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The Cock Exam

School is almost in session and I have been studying very hard for one particular class. In order to get credit I have to do some hands on lessons outside of the classroom.

The hands on lessons are part of a Cock Exam.
These Cock Exams are very personal and private.
Just the student teacher aka me and the student aka you are participating
….more later
I have a lesson plan to prepare

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Hello my Sexy friends and welcome to my blog

This blog is a place for me to share everything sexy
AND even throw in some sports talk
I’m so excited
Fantasy Football will be starting back up
I am drafting Aug 31
Do any of you guys play?
If so let’s talk if not get into a league ASAP
It is so much fun if you love football and I do!
There are other posts below this one and plenty of reading on the right
If you have some erotica to share with me and others please do
We all enjoy a sexy or sensual story
Happy Thursday
Love to all

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