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Hello Kitty Written for me

Hello Kitty

The first time I saw Sexy Carolina’s kitty I marveled at its beauty and delicacy.

I could feel her kitty beckoning to me and I drew close, getting the first breathe of its fragrant scent.

I began to massage her, pressing her outer lips against her clit. I began to feel her body move as I continue to massage her.

Slowly, I draw back kitty’s outer lips and bring forth her wonderful clit. It is large, which is wonderful.

I stroke the shaft and SC begins to move her hips as her clit is massaged. We synchronize our movements.

I feel her clit get larger, the fragrance grows stronger. Excitement builds for both. 

I draw back the hood and with moist finger massage the tip. Gently at first, then harder. 

You react to her movements, we are becoming one. Moisture flows and SC purrs.

I reach deep between her lips and with my tongue move up and begin to lick her.

Her movements become stronger, we work together, feeding off each other’s mounting excitement.

That wondrous clit is in my mouth. I suck on it and flick it with my tongue. 

I look up at Sexy, she is caressing her breasts, I can’t resist and take one in my hand.

She grabs my hand and we caress her breast together as her hips move ever more deeply to the arousal of her kitty.

Stronger, gentler I react to her movements until that climax arrives.

Both fulfilled we lie in each other’s arms as I caress her breasts.

Goodbye Kitty until we meet again.

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