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Written for me and I love it

I woke up this morningCarolina on my mind

Your sexy, tasty body

My mouth sure to find
Your blog and your website

A clear story does tell

Just thinking about your kitty

Makes my cock start to swell
I’m partial to things oral

Love “Dining at the Y”

And a CIM bare back blow job

Is my ultimate high
Ninety minutes on Tuesday

With a sensual muse

The reviews are amazing

You were easy to choose 
Let’s start with some wine

Pinot, cab, or merlot?

Red’s also my favorite

With a bottle, I’ll show
From there, you’re in charge

For a blindfolded tease

With your pussy and tongue

My whole body to please
Then, it’s off for some Thai

To a place that I know

Then back after dinner

For cock milking we go
Looking forward to Tuesday

At your incall retreat

At six o’clock sharp

I’ll be there to meet

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Flirting Football and Fitness

My three F’S are Fabulous

Flirting in Richmond is Fantastic

Football in my Fantasy League finds me in First Place 

Fitness is my Favorite

I love working out watching football and flirting

What more can a girl want?

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