The Erotic Writings of Sexy

Happy Birthday to me

I’m giving myself an excellent present tomorrow for my birthday

2 hours at the gym!

That way I can have my cake and eat it too!

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We will never forget

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Tonight’s Sexy Flirty Dinner Menu

Strawberry Melon Basil Salad

Cedar Bourbon Salmon

Grilled Asparagus 

Roasted Red Potatoes 


Key Lime Pie

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Body Pump

Body Pump sounds sexual and it is. It is a barbell workout that burns calories and strengthens

Currently it is a workout I do several times a week along with a chiseling core workout

I’m still hiking and walking my beautiful canines

The sexy part of Body Pump is shared with you

My strength and flexibility

My health and fitness and love for life

My desire to be at my best

Trust me

I could make you cum with my thighs

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Rain Rain go away

Wow, so much moisture here in Asheville! I’m ready for some sunshine!

Heading home on Friday and looking forward to hanging out with friends, taking a hike or two, hitting the gym and celebrating, before I drive to Richmond early June. I have learned a lot the past few days, mostly about cattle!

And of course I took the time to keep up with the ACC Baseball tourney and the fantastic Kyrie Irving! Last night he was King Kyrie!

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