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My Donation

Today I donated my favorite coat.

Before heading out on a walk, I asked Echo the temps in Raleigh. 30 degrees

So needless to say I had on 3 layers and my Olive Green Gap Parka with down, zip, snap toggle hood with fake fur, that I had owned for 7 years.

I was running, hiking, with an Australian shepherd and a mix terrier Pitt who is almost 5 months. She rarely walks. Over the holidays, I picked a reindeer name for her, Dasher!

A mile or so into the walk, I was heating up.

The day before, I had tried to run with that parka wrapped around my waist after a heated run, so this time I decided to hang it on a sign. A sign outside my building, hanging off it like on a door knob. I realized as I was contemplating this move, that I could lose my coat forever. My mind went to my two daughters who loved that coat so much, and I thought if someone takes my coat then they really needed one! My hands went into my coat pockets to make sure they were empty and I practically dragged my young pup, just to reach my arm out far enough to drop off my coat.

We continued to walk for 5-10 exhausting minutes I had another lil pup to walk. We arrive at our bldg only to find my Olive Green Gap Parka with down,zip,toggle, hood with fake fur that I had owned for 7 years was GONE


I had made my donation.

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Hello New Year

Hi Sexy Gents!

Let’s get together and set some SEXY goals for the New Year and each and every day smile from ear to ear


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