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Merry Christmas Retirement and moving

It’s the season to be Sexy

That’s what I always say

In a few months I will be moving out of the Raleigh area and retiring

Until then I am offering masked Massage

Peace and Love

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Help needed

I started a business last May to become independent and it was doing great until March when the Pandemic hit.

Since then it has been a struggle

I applied for unemployment and in May I finally started to receive PUA since I was self employed

Because I was unable to actually get into an unemployment office I was only awarded 132 a week

I sent in to the office dozens of pages of proof of income but I’m not sure who or if anyone looked over the proof

Anyway it was suspended in September and my benefits are on hold

I applied for the Hope program and I was approved but GrayCo who owns my property will not participate in the program so I will be evicted most likely come Jan 1st

I really need help as I don’t have any resources

The years leading up to the Pandemic I was using my resources to help my daughter who was in an abusive relationship

I successfully moved her out of it and she and my granddaughter are great but I am now needing support financially

Please help me and I promise to pay it forward

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