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A Girl who is really sexy By Jonathan Pattishall

A girl who’s really sexy, who is sex, doesn’t exude sex, she sweats it. It’s a body fluid that rolls off her chin, her collarbone, her breast, creeping down and settling on the thirsty skin of her nipple. It arcs its residue over her curves like the cupping motion that your hand so naturally assumes as you reach to wipe it away and fondle its canvas, the world’s most pleasurable and peaceful exchange of two birds for one stone.
This girl is sex. She pours it like one giant sweat gland on the upper inside of Aphrodite’s thigh. Her whole body is a gushing forth of its contents, an open container mocking the pointless of brims .Every movement, every turn of the head or the wiggling hips shakes loose a little bit of her hidden self. What’s tucked away is suddenly revealed, an echo of the ancient apocalypse of the misjudged Onan. Sex inside becomes desire outside .Desire hops the channel to me and becomes craze, madness, singleness of purpose. It’s a funnel of her desire directed through me right back at her. She is self-reflexive sex…..
Jonathan Pattishall

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