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A New Sexy Erotica (written for me)

Hello “Sexy”,What caught my eye was your mention of a few of my favorite experiences……TEASE, seduction, flirting, deep kisses and sensual touch. The desire, sometimes fulfilled other times not, to touch, to be touched, to have what I may or MAY NOT get when done slowly, playfully, quietly and taken to the limit (edging) is terribly erotic. I wish our time together to be along those lines. It sounds like we would be very compatible in that sense. While there is sooooo very much to explore in that sense and we all have different visions the following may serve as a good example for me.

I stop by as planned and you come to the door in something sheer, perhaps a satin night shirt leaving much to the imagination. I enter and after a few minutes you ask if I would like something to drink. I accept and as you walk to away for refreshments you look back only to see me watching your every step, admiring your body and what pleasure it must bring.

You smile and ultimately come back to me sitting my drink on the table. “Stand up Neil !” I obey like your pet I will soon become. “Mmmmm good. Rule one is that you will do as I say Neil. Will that be a problem for you? I own your cock” “No, of course not” I respond. You smile knowing that will be easier said then done before my visit is over. As you retreat to the couch I am told to remove my shirt which I gladly do. “Come to me” you request. Sitting on the couch, legs parted just enough for me to see up your legs short of you panties (LOVE cheekies if you have any). “Rule two is that you will keep your hands to yourself Neil unless I tell you you may touch me or I want you to play with your cock. It amuses me when a man does that” you say with a small laugh. If you cant do that I will restrain you” Put your hands behind you back Neil”. I do as you reach up to slowly undo my pants. They slide to the floor and as you highlight the tip of my already hard cock with one finger…”Looks like “he’s” very happy to see me” you say as you nibble on your lip and glance into my eyes smiling. Slowly you bend down to push my underwear to the floor. As you do your hair softly brushes against my cock.

 My hips push to you wanting more already. You laugh, “Poor thing, we have a long way to go, you should relax”. Standing in front of you, naked, hands behind you softly run your hands up my thighs, my rock hard cock just inches from your face. “Mmmmmm, that looks nice pet. Would you like me to touch you Neil?” “Please, yes!”. “Nooooo, you have done nothing to earn that have you? That’s cute Neil or is it Kneel…lol? Yes, kneel for me”. I’m eager to oblige. “See something you want?” as I follow your parted legs up to your now exposed panties. You cross your legs and relax back, your pedicured foot in front of me. “Ahhhhh, my pet enjoys beautiful feet I see” with another nibble on your lip. “Go ahead pet, see how nice they smell.” I cant help but kiss your foot. “STOP !!!. Did I say to kiss my foot?” “No, I’m sorry”. 

The fragrance only makes it worse. You lower your foot to message my cock with your toes. Pre-cum makes it slick and perfect for foot play. “Oh my, look at what he’s done now, got cum all over my toes”. You cross your legs again, “Lick that off my foot Neil.” Rule three my pet. Any mess you make, if it comes to that, you will clean up? If I allow you to cum, I expect you to lick it up, understood? “Yes I do”.You are my pet after all” “Good, so lets not have any accidents today OK?” you say with a grin. “Rule four is that you are here 100% for my pleasure and amusement Neil. Your pleasure will come from pleasing me” you say as I feel your foot messaging my the tip of my cock.”And unfortunately for you my pleasure comes from seeing you squirm….lol”.

 As you pull up your satin shirt fully exposing your panties, legs apart, you tell me to show how I like to touch my own cock while I envision your perfect pussy. “Show me Neil how you would like for me to touch your cock.” I do with soft touches under the tip, making it twitch. “OK, stop, hands behind again pet!!!” This is going to be a long day if you’re already getting that excited. “I can’r imagine how badly you must want to taste me Neil” as you run your finger up the crouch of your panties creasing your pussy lips. You pull them up further highlighting your lips. You lift your leg in the air running your hands up then back down.

 ” I want you to kiss my legs Neil. Show me how much you adore them. “You may use your hands Neil but prove to me you want me”. I take you leg in my hands and slowly, sensually begin to kiss my way up from your toes. As I near your panties I hear ‘I only gave you permission to touch my legs Neil. You’ve been so good thus far I will allow you to put your face to my pussy. Go ahead, inhale, smell my juices Neil?” “Good boy !!! That’s enough as you push me back sensing my desires getting carried away. “Please just a taste?” I beg. Oh, poor baby, not yet, maybe later.” with a smile. Without notice you stand instructing me to sit down. You make your way to the television only to see me touching my cock. ” I’ve explained my very simple rules Neil and you didn’t listen. I don’t enjoy that” as you leave the room only to return a moment later telling me yo stand up ad turn around. No sooner do I turn then I feel my hands being bound. I put up little resistance as you turn me back around and sit me on the couch going back to what you were doing with the tv. 

You get on your knees to place a dvd in the player. Your legs apart your shirt up and as I see your ass for the first time. As you arch your back pushing you rear in the air you turn and look back making certain I see what I am missing. “You like?” you ask. “Please, just a touch?” I ask. “Imagine what you could do to me Neil.” “FUCK !!!!” I say, squirmimg in my chair nearly humping the air. “Poor thing, ever cum without so much as a touch Neil?” as you smile. You walk back to me as I watch every step. With me sitting on the couch you hike up your stain shirt and lay across my body with your ass in my lap just below for me to drool over. You press play and an adult movie begins. It isn’t long before a handsome, chiseled thirty something guy is having his way with his unfortunate female friend who is at first on her knees as he feeds her his 9 inch cock. As a sign of how much you want him you arch your ass, squirming in my lap begging without words and me unable to do a thing. Soon after you stand up and slowly slide your garment off your shoulders and to the floor. You put your knees to each side of me and sit on my lap breasts exposed and inches from my mouth. Slowly you lean down and kiss me with the softlest lips I have ever felt. You begin to pull back as I strain to keeps my lips to yours. 

You smile and tease them with a small, playful lick. You lean back pinching you nipples to erection as I am forced to watch. Putting them to my mouth but never close enough to touch. “One lick Neil, that’s it” as you lean forward offering me your nipple. I try for more and you pull away, pinching them again almost to the point of wincing in pain. I struggle but can’t move. You stand up in front of me. “I promised I might let you have a taste so first take off my panties pet!” I kneel at your feet and without my hands but frantic to get to you I beging using my teeth to shimmy your underwear from your body. Down one side then to the other then back again until I have your panties to the ground. “Give them to me” as you stand over me. I put them in my teeth and raise them to your hand, “Good boy”. You run your hand through my hair gently pulling me to your perfectly trimmed pubic area placing one foot on the couch exposing your labia and nearly bringing me to tears. “P L E A S E, just let me have you ????

You hold my face to your pussy never able to reach it. I look up and you playfully run your panties over my face, allowing me to inhale your essence. Gently you fill my mouth with them and without notice you lay down on the end of the couch. Comfortable with a pillow under your head you lift one foot to my mouth for a moment of worship then place it on the back of the couch leaving you fully exposed. I CAN’T STAND IT AND BEG !!! “Now my pet, I told you I owned your cock and you will wait. But I also said you may be able to taste me sooooo if you are able help yourself” with a huge smile as I am totally helpless with your panties in my mouth. You raise your foot from the floor and begin to rub my cock as you open your pussy lips and begin to touch yourself. Soon you are in the floor between my knees holding my cock at its base so its very sensitive to the slightest touch on the head. 

You rub my precum all over the tip then up to my mouth to lick off…..”Remember our deal pet, you always clean up” Holding me you run my cock over your face, your lips then open as if you are goging to take it in. I arch hard but you pull away with a gentle slap you my cock. “Want me Neil?” you muse. “You bi…..”, I start to say but you interrupt “Now, now, is that a way to speak to someone who can give you such pleasure. You wanted to be my pet, remember ? “I do needd t cum though Neil, perhaps you can do that for me. Would you like to help baby?” “YES !! PLEASE”. “Good, come with me” as you leave to walk to the bedroom. I walk behind cock sticking straight out, hands bound. “lay down, make yourself comfortable…lol” I lay down thinking finally you will let me have you or you, me. You go the closet and return with a strap on for for my face. You want to fcuk me now is your chance as you climb into bed next to me, excited like a little girl with her favorite toy. You secure the dildo over my mouth with a smile. “You see I will let you fuck me baby just not like you would have hoped”. You stand over me on the bed. I look up remembering how much I wanted this and hating myself for it all at once. Slowly you lower yourself and guide my face cock into your wet, warm, waiting pussy. The juices begin to flowing down onto my face. You reach down and as you move up and down YOUR cock you play with your clit with your finger. moaning louder with each stroke. You erupt in orgasm over me…..mmmmmm. 

You lay back, exhausted and very fulfilled. “NOW, i did say you may cum today as you reach for my cock and begin to play with the head. Since this is my cock, I have decided I will let you BUT you will be placed in chastity and will only be able to come out and play when I say. If you agree to that I will finish you off. Understood?”. YES Mistress, PLEASE !!! In no time and after edging me several times I explode, cumming on myself. True to your rules you gather up my cum one finger at a time and put it in my mouth and over my lips. “Mmmmmm seems like my pet is a bit of a cum slut as much as you seem to like it Neil….lol”. “That may be something we need to address another time” as you look fondly at a picture another one of your subjects.” For now, I hope you enjoyed your orgasm because I just made a new rue just for you. When you are away from me you will remain in chastity and when you are in my presence you will remain bound, never getting to touvh MY cock unless I allow it”