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I am not a sports authority but I love sports more than anything except for human lifeform!
I am now a proud owner of a Fantasy Football team.
I own the Carolina Blue Devils! Being an owner is frustrating. I have Peyton Manning riding the bench with Cam Newton as my starter. I start a RB and bench one and one scores 0 while the bench warmer scores 14.
This is my first year as an owner so I am trying not to be too hard on myself. At least I am not losing any money!
The Ryder cup sucked one day. I watched it yesterday on my DVR only to run out of tape only to find out the USA croaked! I dedicated 20 something hours to the Ryder Cup this weekend when I should have been RIDING YOU!
What a let down. Now I need two players for the Cowboys to make some points for me tonight. The weird thing about this is this I hate the Cowboys and yet I have to root for them. My agony can turn into ecstasy.
Then I have to hope the fav team lose to my second fav team the Orioles. I hate the Yankees. I have a Yankee Hater hat!
In 40 minutes I am going to be one happy Duke Blue Devil.
I’m buying 10 tickets to the Davidson/Duke game for Jan 2 2013. It’s a family affair, loving Duke!
I will be holding a sign at that game that says “Carolina loves Duke”. That has been a fantasy of mine for years!
I would say that today’s sports can make up for what was a crappy Ryder cup! Or if a Sexy Gentleman comes over and I can ride him.
Look for my next Sports Update in my blog roll. Until then may the Sports be with you!!

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