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Hello my friends Hello

Like many of you I have been social distancing. Myself since March 13th

That’s quite awhile

I have had dozens of requests but I wanted to let you know I am still not ready to jump into the sack…now that ain’t sexy

I want to but I’m apprehensive so I’m waiting a bit longer

When I do make the leap I will post here

I miss u all I miss sports I sure hope everyone is safe and caring for those you love


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Wow what a month. When we get through this we will be stronger. I know I am learning again how to live with less, 20 years ago I lost everything I owned in a fire. We think at times how hard this is and then I think about slaves and concentration camps and impoverished cities and countries. I stay up as long as I can each day and sleep as long as I can.

Unfortunately I am alone and not with my family, but I have my dogs, I am reading, gardeming, cooking, cleaning, repeat

Keep safe. I have not seen any sexy friends for 4 weeks. Together we will get through this. Take care of yourself and those you love

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Social Distancing

Social Distancing here in Raleigh and hope to see friends in the future if you can …send me any help and prayers

Perhaps phone sex is the answer

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Sexy Friends

I want to thank my friends for meeting up with me last week to share with me

Your thoughts prayers and generosity gave me a boost. I hope this is a NEW TREND for me moving forward. I’m still in a tough situation with my car, as it turns out the work involved is time consuming which makes it expensive and I really need it for my side business. So I hope to either find a mechanic to barter with or of course I can accept donations 😀

So ….I’m available to meet Sexy friends in Raleigh and I have an incall in RTP

Please book

Text 9196218298

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Auto Mechanic needed


I’m looking to find a mechanic who will offer a discount or donate services so I can get my vehicle fixed

Please and Thank You

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Hello friends

I was in a panic all day, thinking I had lost this blog
It took me all day to find my way back!
I’m in Raleigh and I need some loving and some help. Many of my friends know that the last three years I have been supporting family and just last year I started a small business to help get some savings and for some retirement income. Starting around Labor Day I have had several set backs, strained back, strained calf, plantar fasciitis, the flu and some arthritis. All of these years I have never felt so broken. Add to this, I just had my vehicle in the shop and they now tell me I need a timing chain!
So, friends, I need a helping hand and some prayers and some SEXY time. I have the time and I hope some of you can make the time to see me soon.
Thank you so much
In return, I’ll also write more SEXY stories!

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Raleigh in January

I sure do want some sexy fun in my new year!

How about you?

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Sexy in Raleigh this week

Let’s get naked!

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Book a meeting

Book a meeting by sending me a email or a text

Include your age height and weight day and time to meet and refs

I have a job outside of this so I rarely can make same day or last min meetings


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Schedule for Raleigh December

I am available for incall outcall in Raleigh

I can meet early mornings afternoon or evenings before 10 pm

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