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Fit to be Tied

I noticed some things hanging from his pocket and I mentioned this to him. He smiled at me and pulled out two neckties!! 🙂 I smiled at him and realized I was going to receive some of my own medicine. 🙂
I usually enjoy being in charge and I must say since I am a very sensual woman it is VERY hard for me to lie I agreed with him that a little sensual bondage would be awesome!

In a few short moments he was standing naked in front of me. I think he had his mind and body ready for me..I stripped off my bra and thong and laid back down on the bed.

He took one necktie and bound my two wrists together. The second necktie was wrapped around my eyes.
His lips first started with my lips and from there they coursed down to my breasts. I have VERY sensitive nipples and the attention to my nipples drives me crazy and takes a path straight to my pussy making it very wet and the urgency I feel there is out of this world. His mouth trailed down to my thighs and he teased every inch of me, the inside of each thigh..moving closer to my mound..teasing me, kissing and trailing his tongue closer to my wet pussy. He would come back up and find my mouth or my breasts. My moaning matched the movements of my gyrating hips and he knew I was in HEAT!

His tongue found my sweet lips and he teased each lip to the point I thought I would scream if he didn’t take me then. He asked me What do you want? I answered him with my pelvis and the words I want your full mouth on my pussy.

For the next 15-20 minutes I laid on my back and he licked, sucked and took me to the most incredible orgasm. After the BIG O his mouth met mine for a kiss and I tasted myself and that kiss to me is one well worth juices, his pleasure of me and my enjoyment of it concluded in a passionate kiss to cant get any better!!
Taking cover he lifts my legs above my head and guides his cock into my very wet pussy. I really wanted him and again he asked me What do you want? I pushed my hips back on his cock and told him I wanted him to fuck me. With one hand holding my legs and the other hand squeezing my nipple he starts to pump inside me.

He removes the necktie from my eyes and wraps it around my ankles. So my wrists are tied and now my ankles. I loved it because he could get a good grip on my legs and since I am so limber he was then able to lift up my hips and drive his cock in very deep! 🙂
The pumping sped up. My ass and hips arched to meet him with every stroke. Our mouths found each other for deep kisses and we enjoyed an incredible finish.

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