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I Love Dick

I wrote this little poem in just a few short minutes after meeting with a friend, Dick, in May 2006

AND I meant every word!!

I Love DiCk!

Thin or Thick

Smooth and STRONG

The Short or the Long

Give Me a Head


Taking a SiP

Like dew on a Flower


For More than an HOUR

Soft tip on my lips

I just had some


I want more

How can you ever say….

Enough is Enough?

There’s still time in the day!!

If you love Dick,

Then you know how I FEEL

It’s a Sensual Treat

Sexy’s Favorite meal!!

Dick Get over here!!

Kisses to all of the Dick’s in my life!!

And the very next day, my Gentleman friend wrote me this poem. 🙂

I love pussy.
I like hot and wet, if I could get some I’d be set. I’d could eat it for hours you can bet. Have it dripping, I won’t stop licking, squirting is how I’m wishing. Just the taste of it on my face, fingers, nose, and lips. I could drink it down or tease it with a sip. and drive you wild when tongue flicks your clit. ummm gotta go to get something sweet to eat…..

Giving and sharing.

I love it when a guy uses his imagination and shares it with me…especially a SEXY imagination.

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