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LICKING (written for me)

He knelt before her and simply stared. She was most certainly lovely… beautiful skin, lightly tanned and flawless. Her body was magnificent and took a moment and drank it all in. Her breasts were of a perfect size and shape… natural yet just the right combination of firm and soft. She was exciting and sensual and above all else, she was alluring. He thought about her from time to time… at work, at home – often at the most inappropriate times and absentmindedly smiled at the memory of their first encounter. It had been weeks since he’d seen her the very first time but his memory was very vivid.
He leaned forward and traced her body with his finger tips. He ran his fingers gently through her hair, then along her cheeks… down across her chin… grazing her mouth with his thumb, then to her shoulders. She was warm to the touch. His fingers moved off her shoulders and across her chest, carefully studying the curve of each breast, gently cupping and massaging them especially the soft curves on each side of her breasts. Her nipples were stiff – beautiful full nipples… he resisted the urge to suckle them… he wanted this to last awhile but more importantly, he wanted to turn the tables on this impossibly sexual woman. It was his turn now.
He gently tweaked and pinched each nipple between his thumb and forefinger and tugged. He could see her breathing become more deep and intense. The room was unlit except for the fading daylight streaming through the thin bedroom curtain. After a last gentle tug, he slid his full hands down the length of her belly, then cradled her hips… his eyes were fixated on the dark blue bikini panty that was concealing his most urgent desire. He fully intended to play with her – his own personal playground. His hands continued down… across her upper thighs before cradling her legs just under her knees. He pulled her legs apart wider and moved his hands back over the top of her thighs. Leaning forward, he nuzzled his mouth against the smoothly shaved mound hidden under the sleek fabric. He picked up her scent… which only pleased him more. He spoke to her with his mouth grazing her mound – the vibration of his voice sent shivers through her.
He slid down between her legs and with one long lick, traced a thin line from the top of the waistband down until he heard the unmistakable sigh of pleasure. She reached out and cradled his head before plunging her thumbs into the waistband to try and slide her panties off; he gently grabbed her wrists and placed them back at her side… she wasn’t getting off that easy. He wanted more – he needed more. She would cum… but she would cum on his terms and in his time.
“Play with your nipples…”
Her hands moved to her breasts and she began twisting and tugging at her nipples, alternating between squeezing them and pinching them. He pressed her thighs further apart and lowered his head, placing his wide open mouth over her hidden pussy and holding it there. No rush, no hurry. His thumb pressed her clit as his tongue now danced over her lips… he knew she was wet. Her hips began to move – at first rocking gently, then thrusting up to meet his mouth. He looked up and saw her fingers continue to work on her nipples. He flicked his tongue over the thin material being very careful to avoid her clit and focusing only on her invisible lips and moist slit. He slid his fingers just under the material covering her and pulled it together and up, splitting her pussy in two. He slowly moved the fabric between her lips and was rewarded with a most amazing sight – her full, meaty lips enveloped the thin bikini strip and popped free. He smiled – she moaned…
He took each moist lip between his and gently pulled them free. He sucked them… savoring every drop of pussy dew coating them; her breath quickened as her right hand reached behind his head and tried to pull him in deeper. She ran her fingers through his hair as her hips bucked forward trying to force her wetness more firmly against his mouth… he would have none of it. He rose up and once again knelt before her and stared at this beautiful sight.
“You want my tongue… yes?”
She was speechless… she just stared back at him. They were both very visual creatures… the look and feel. The smell and texture of sex was very exciting to them. She loved the feel and contour of his cock; the thick and thin skin, the transition from soft to hard.
He reached under her bottom and slowly… agonizingly pulled the bikini bottoms slowly down the length of her long, beautiful legs. All that was left now were the naughty black pumps accentuating her beautiful feet and calves.
He loved pussy – HER pussy. He loved the shape and texture of her. Her pussy was all about symmetry – smoothly shaved… perfect. He ran his left hand down her belly and pinched her wonderful cunt together just above her clit, creating an exquisite pressure. Leaning in, he flicked his tongue over her distended clit before releasing the pressure he was applying and once again sucking her chewy, wet lips into his mouth. He looked up at her as she looked down at him. He held and sucked her lips in his mouth for what seemed like minutes… he was teasing her mercilessly – just as she loved to do to him. Laying flat on his belly, he settled in and made himself comfortable. He raised her legs and spread them further apart… she was glistening – her pussy was wet and hungry. There was plenty of time for him to slide his cock inside of her but now it was about his mouth and tongue and the intimacy that brings. He probed at her, poked at her, every once in awhile flicking his tongue over her remarkable clit. Flattening his tongue, he dipped softly across her asshole and split her lips before thrusting his tongue deep into her. She moaned – he grinned. With long, flat strokes he explored every crease and crevice she offered to him. He savored the slick syrupy taste and texture of her wetness… she was unlike most women he knew – sweet and tangy… and incredibly wet and shiny. Her hands returned to her breasts briefly before she tried to slide her right hand between her legs to relieve the tension building in her sweet hole.
He pushed her hand away and licked her more forcefully… he had been so clever to avoid her clit until now but it was clear she needed the attention. He placed his lips over her ruby jewel and slowly sucked as his middle finger began probing her hole – he didn’t quite slide it all in but rather, he toyed with her. She was impossibly wet… from her own juices and his warm, wet tongue. As he sucked her clit, he flicked his tongue fast… very fast… and lightly over the jewel – her hips thrust forward and she gasped at the sensations shooting through her.
He pushed her legs even further apart and began devouring her for all he was worth… long, firm strokes mixed with soft, tender kisses and licks. He now focused on that immense, swollen clit… she wanted it consumed and finally, mercifully, he allowed her to grab his head with both hands and grind herself into his mouth… if he could have eaten her whole he would have.
He pushed her legs up and together revealing a sight he had daydreamed about… puffy, wet, swollen lips protecting her shiny clit but revealing her tight little forbidden hole… he gently rimmed her ass and toyed with the space between both holes…
…she was very close now. He spread her thighs and slid one, then two fingers inside her… effortlessly. He began to slowly finger fuck her, palm up, tickling the roof of her pussy with soft firm strokes. Lowering her legs, he kept the rhythm of his fingers as he flicked his tongue directly on her clit – her body was beginning to gently spasm – she wasn’t loud but her orgasm was unmistakable – a rush of wetness as her pussy clenched his fingers tightly. He loved that; he loved knowing a woman was about to cum on him – either on his cock or his fingers. She arched her back as he pressed his mouth onto her, slowly easing contact until his mouth simply grazed her lips…
He moved back and watched her come down from her high and maneuvered himself alongside her lovely, glowing face. Laying his semi-erect cock across her cheek, he stroked her hair once again and began calculating in his head when he’d be back for more…

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