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My Twenty-Something

I opened the door and he walked in past me. I saw khaki’s and a fresh blue oxford shirt, rolled up at the sleeves. I looked up at his face and his lips parted mine. Before I knew it he was on the other side of the room. I folllowed him….he was taking off his clothes! 🙂

He turned towards me and placed his hands on my shoulders and gently laid me on my back. Spreading my legs, lifting up my skirt, moving my thong to the side..I get another kiss on my lips! 🙂

Next he took my legs and raised them up…kissing down my stockings..removes my shoes and stockings and continues to kiss and caress my legs.

Lifting my blouse to reveal my flat tummy..more kisses..hands are hungry for me..every inch of me he with my bra and blouse and skirt and I am all his to explore.

He wastes no time and buries his mouth in my pussy. For a twenty-something he has amazed me so far!! Not only is he awesome in the oral dept..but he is very sensual and his desire to please me is incredibly hot. I am laying on my back..words can’t describe how wonderful I was feeling..his tongue darting in and out..his mouth drinking me in..his hands stroking hands curling thru his hair, holding his head, pulling him in close…his tongue loving clit suckled…Sweet Caroline!! Oh my!!

So some time goes by and he stops for a break..I say to’s my turn! I have him on his back and I grab a stocking and cover his eyes, whisper in his ear..”Don’t move!”

My hand caresses his cheek, fingers touch his lips, my lips kiss his..lightly.. and my hands search and touch every inch of his body. The touch is mesmerizing, slow, sensual, taking in all muscles and curves of his body, teasing nipples, lips and trailing down to his cock.

Once I have his cock close to my lips..he is mine. I first tease his cock with my lips only…circling around the head and down and up and around..just lip kisses. My lips part a little and my wet mouth is eager for him. But first my tongue must paint his cock. Slowly teasing and then he feels himself in my mouth for the first time…I gave it to him good..slow and sexy..and then I couldn’t take it any longer..I took his cock into my pussy, but only an inch or so..up and down slowly I teased him. Standing on my feet above him..I lowered myself down..and then up. I removed the blindfold so he could watch. He never knew it was coming…I took it all the way in..OMG..he loved it but all the way Up I came back..and then back to the rhythmic up and down and then..ddddddDOWN..:) Just thinking about this again gets me wet! I knew he wouldn’t be able to last much longer so I lifted my pussy up and sat down on my knees and took him in my mouth. I felt his cum shoot down my throat.

He was tewnty-something and he was mine!

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