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A NURU Body Slide

The word NURU in Japanese means “slippery”.

The Nuru Body Slide uses a special gel which is made from deep seaweed and is colourless, tasteless, and extremely slippery and smooth.

She will rub your entire body with the nuru and slide on you from all imaginable angles for a perfect body to body massage

Do you want your body to be spoiled with an incredible NURU Body Slide by a sexy woman? Imagine skilled hands pouring gel and sliding and teasing over every inch of your body! Imagine boobs touching you and your cock….. sliding on your mouth and face! You will not be able to stop your cock from finishing!
The Nuru Body Slide will bring you to another world and become one of your most intensive pleasures!

2 responses to “A NURU Body Slide

  1. jason9772 says:

    I was wondering if you are still available in the Raleigh area? I have had a Nuru Body Slide from you before, but it was a while back, & would LOVE another one!

    I hope it was alright to message you here, & I look forward to possibility of seeing you again!

  2. Jason E. McGee says:

    I was wondering if you are still available for a Nuru Body Slide? I have had one from you, however it was a while ago, but would like to make an appointment for another one if you are still providing this service. I hope you do’t mind me asking here, as it seems to be the only place I can see to ask the question.

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