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Hello New Year

Hi Sexy Gents!

Let’s get together and set some SEXY goals for the New Year and each and every day smile from ear to ear


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Happy Holidays Raleigh

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Sexy Sexy Sexy

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I am feeling tremendous sorrow

My best friend in the world, passed today.

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Yay! Cold weather snuggles!

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This week in Raleigh

I have VERY limited time

Please read my pages on here and book for next week

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Sexy in Raleigh

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Summer Sex

Best thing to do when you want to get out of the heat

Get naked

With me

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Cock Caressing

Cock Caressing is one of my favorite activities.

It is nothing like a hand job

I have sensual hands

You can feel it

I feel it

My hands are tender and smooth

They react to the change in your cock that they create

I feel like they get mesmerized in their approach

Slow rhythmic tender fingers

Cock Caressing is Sexy

I’m Sexy

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Like fine wine

He said…

I am a very fine wine with a rich aroma and a full, delightful body. Anybody who does not recognize this is a fool.

I said…

Like fine wine, I am aged to perfection. I am doing everything in my power to be healthy fit and happy.

I don’t post my real age on advertising sites, for a few reasons.

For instance on the erotic review they only offer over 50.

So I go with that for this reason.

When I post my real age I get this

Old Hag

Dried up whore

When I started this journey I could have easily lied about my age, because I do look younger. I did not.

But like every business there is competition and envy and on the net…trolls.

I don’t want emails calling me an old hag, and many other hateful expressions.

Take me for what I am.

A healthy mature sensual giving sexy loving woman.

As far as my photos go

My last photo shoot I posted every photo unedited

In my photos I hide my face

I spent decades giving to my community and I want my sexy life to be private.

Take me for who I am

I went back to school in my 40s, but I did not make the Deans List

I made the Honor Roll

Go Duke

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