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The Massage

Please enjoy this contribution to my blog from one of my SEXIEST friends! He asked me for one of my fantasies to write about and here it is….

The Massage
The room was sparsely furnished… all white with white blinds and drapes.
The massage table occupied most of the room
She made her way to the changing room, closed the slatted door and began disrobing – the jeans were tight so she did her famous wiggle out of them, sliding them over her hips and down her long smooth legs. She hadn’t worn a bra so all that was left were her panties. She debated for a moment whether she should remove them as well… then decided why not; she had had this gift card for months now and thought why not? If I’m going to do this, let me do it right. She reached down and snatched the panties from her ankles, tossed them aside and put on the soft white robe provided.

When making the appointment, she hesitated momentarily when the receptionist asked if she preferred a man or a woman. At first, she reflexively said she’d like a woman to do the massage but then abruptly changed her mind and asked for a man. Again, she figured why not do this all the way… a pair of strong hands gliding over her body held a very strong appeal for her.

She unlatched the door to the changing room and made her way to the table and hopped up – she was alone in the room and felt a slight tingle of anticipation. After what seemed like minutes, the outer door opened… he entered almost silently – a rather good looking man, probably in his early fifties – something she hadn’t considered but relieved nonetheless. In her imagination (and in nearly very movie of television program she saw), a masseur generally was a strapping young stud with blond hair and blue eyes. Her masseur was quite different… dark hair, brown eyes, a closely cropped salt and pepper beard and moustache… probably the kind of man she would be attracted to outside of this small white room. He wore a white t-shirt, loose-fitting khaki pants and was barefoot. After a short, friendly introduction he walked to a small end table in the corner and leafed through a pile of CDs:
“Anything in particular you’d like to listen to?” He asked. “I have everything from Mozart, The Red Hot Chili Peppers to Led Zeppelin and John Coltrane and Miles Davis… what relaxes you?”
She thought for a moment: “Let’s start with Coltrane… what do you have?”
He held up a very familiar CD.
“How about Kind of Blue?”
She smiled; “Perfect… “
He fiddled with the tray, tweaked the volume, and turned to look at her as the music began. He walked to the far end of the room and twisted the dimmer on the wall switch. The room was instantly transformed… quiet and comfortable.

“Do you prefer a towel over your backside or not?”
She hesitated for a moment…
“Let’s leave the towel on please”
She swiveled herself to lay flat on her belly and rested her head in the soft foam of the face cradle and stared down… this is interesting she thought; all she could see was the plush carpet below, also white. She felt a bit exposed and was suddenly very aware of her body – from her head to her toes she was pressed into the table, the sides of her breasts revealing their gentle curves to anyone looking. She felt the towel draped over her ass – a modest amount of protection to her virtue.

“Are you comfortable?” His tone was gentle and soothing…
“Yes… this is wonderful!”
He maneuvered his way in front of her and placed his hands on her shoulders, gently kneading them with just the right amount of pressure and began to apply his hands in a slow circular motion to the space between her shoulder blades. His hands were soft but unmistakably male… strong and large. He glided his hands down her sides gently grazing the soft curves of her breasts… this elicited an unusual response. She felt warm and knew her nipples had begun to stiffen against the table and a warm rush flushed her face.
Avoiding the towel completely, his hands found the back of her thighs and began to press firmly down to her knees, over her calves and around her ankles. He worked back up her legs, over her calves and knees and then to where he started. Over and over, he worked her legs hard… at one point giving her perfectly manicured feet a firm looking after…something she enjoyed very much. She wondered silently how different this would be if she opted to shed the towel covering her ass – should she ask her masseur to remove it? Would his strong hands roam over her smooth ass – would he begin kneading those soft yet firm cheeks? At the mere thought of this, she began to feel that familiar throbbing of her pussy… she closed her eyes tight and for just a moment, the only part of her body she actually felt was her pussy… she knew this feeling… the wetness beginning to build. She pressed her mound against the table and ever so slightly wiggled her ass to create the pressure she so desperately wanted.

His hands continued their fine work… back to her sides, then with both thumbs, drew a line up her spine then back to her shoulders…
“How does this feel? Too much pressure or would you like more…?
Her voice caught in her throat:
“A little softer please – oh, and you can remove the towel now”
She felt the material slide off her – she was completely exposed now… her mood and mind now switched gears. She wanted more than what was being offered and silently thought of ways to get more. She moved her legs ever so slightly leaving a space between her thighs… she hoped he’d stop and stare at the pussy and ass that was now being offered to him… to bold maybe? She immediately pushed the thought out of her mind – this WAS what she wanted and she quickly moved to the physical and mental space she wanted to be in.

As expected… and as she wished, his hands moved over her ass… softly… she felt every finger cover every inch of her… she was without question wet now – very. She hoped he’d see her glisten… maybe even dip a finger between her cheeks and brush against her lips. With her face cradled in the soft foam, she opened her eyes momentarily and stared at the floor. Her pussy needed a good workout she thought… it had been a while since she had a cock, a mouth, or fingers exploring her. Why not now? A totally anonymous man – her type actually; mature, quietly confident – what better opportunity to cum? Eyes closed again, she drifted off to her own hedonistic world of imagination.

She heard him shuffle his feet from behind her to directly in front of her… his hands left her body… suddenly, she heard that familiar tinny, metallic sound of a zipper being undone. Her entire body broke out in goose bumps and her body temperature rose a good few degrees. It was then that she felt something brush across part of her exposed cheek… soft but hard; she knew cock when she felt it. She felt the head brush across her lips… she instinctively opened her mouth and darted her tongue over the soft head… she quickly felt herself lose some control… something she rarely gave up – control was her thing… sexually. Here was a man offering his cock to her – relaxing her neck and head, she eagerly lapped at the head and took a couple of inches into her wet mouth… opening her eyes, she saw it was a good sized dick… nothing epic but plenty for her to work with. He began slowly thrusting into her mouth while he leaned forward and grabbed to healthy handfuls of ass, spreading her cheeks apart to reveal a meaty wet pussy… this was now sensory overload. She wanted to just turn over and have him properly fuck her senseless but the eroticism of the moment was too enjoyable to stop.
He slid what felt like a long finger between her meaty lips and pressed into her, eliciting a gasp from her now full mouth. He slowly fingered her wet hole, withdrew, and ran it over her tiny puckered rosebud, then back down and into her; this time deeper and with faster strokes. She was working over his cock like it was the last one she’d ever have… grunting and breathing heavily, she tried to get more of him in her mouth… she wanted to milk his balls dry… she wanted him to spunk in her mouth… or at least on her face. He thrust a bit harder but a couple of inches deeper until she could feel his cock press into her throat…

The men in her life knew what a magnificent cocksucker she was… this guy was going to get the full treatment as well. She loved the feeling of cock in her mouth; she loved feeling a cock grow in her mouth and felt the absolute power. She loved the swelling of the head right before being flooded with cum, love the taste and smells of cock and cum…
Removing his hands and fingers from her ass and pussy, this man unlatched the face cradle and let it fall down… she was now un-tethered and free to suck this quiet man hard and with gusto. His hands gripped the side of her head and he began fucking her mouth in earnest… she could feel every vein and ridge and used her tongue to explore each and every one… she felt her pussy throb and knew that she was about to flood the massage table… she wanted this cock in her:
“Fuck me… please fuck me!”

She panted the words… he withdrew from her mouth and walked to the back of the table – she felt his weight as he climbed on the table, spread her lovely thighs and straddled her… she felt his cock lay between her ass cheeks and then felt his hands part those cheeks. His cock head slowly traced a line from asshole to her wonderfully wet hole, to the huge clit now begging to be toyed with. In one slow but firm motion, as she lay flat on her belly, he pierced her lips and drove his thick cock deep inside of her… she tried to lift her ass to get him even deeper but he kept her down and slowly, methodically went to work fucking her… at first slow… then a bit faster, punctuated by strong deep thrusts.
He leaned forward and began tracing the sides of her tits; she felt her nipples instantly harden. He pressed his weight against her, stopping his motion. She felt his breath on her neck, near her right ear as he whispered:
“This is the deluxe massage… you’re a beautiful, sensual woman… I’ve seen and studied nearly every inch of your body and now I’m going to have it…”

She sighed at his words… this was EXACTLY what she had in mind when the massage was arranged but she was too hesitant to say the words to herself or her friends. This was her private secret.
His thrusts grew stronger and she could feel herself beginning to cum… it built gradually; she tried to grind her clit into the table with each stroke of this man’s cock… she was flushed with all the naughty thoughts about anonymous fucking and knew this was going to be a massive orgasm… He too was building – she wanted to cum first so he could withdraw, move to the front of the table, and spray her lovely mouth with his cum…
The pressure built until she began quaking and moaning – she moved her right hand under her and began working her clit to her satisfaction… this was coming fast now… a long intense wave flowed over her as she rubbed her clit and he buried his cock deep inside her. Her breathing was heavy and fast, her finger soaked with her juices… she felt him pull out and move in front of her – she loved when a plan came together like this one… with her hand still working her soaked pussy, he grabbed her head and pushed his well-lubricated cock in her mouth… she loved the taste of her own pussy but wanted his cum even more…

It was at that moment she felt his head swell and his breathing quickened… silently, he shot a thick ropey line of cum directly down her throat, followed by another equally strong spurt over her lips and cheek as he withdrew. She was spent – he was spent… just a minute or so of silent panting and heavy breathing. She closed her eyes and drifted off into that contented place…
She heard him move around the room… again recognizing that tinny sound of a zipper now moving in the other direction. Suddenly, she heard the door open:
“You can get dressed now or use the shower just outside this room… have a wonderful day…”
And then the door shut….

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