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The Mature Gentleman

I was laying in my hot bath reflecting on the week passed and my mind went back to him. He came to visit me last week. he drove for over an hour and he was a little nervous, and i can understand why. I gave him encouragement and before you know it he was at my door.
I am a SEXY Mature woman…. my body is very fit and my mind is twenty-something in spirit but mature in knowledge. My energy level is also a twenty-something as well as my endurance. I wake up 3 days a week and train at 7am for endurance and strength. And I am not talking about cockmilking!!
My mature gentleman is 72. When we mature our desire for intimacy and sex is not diminished, in my case it it heightened. So i was laying in my hot bath reflecting back on my 72 year old friend who gave me the best oral orgasm i have had in months…maybe even a year…but who is counting. I remembered his technique and his skill and I felt my hand returning to my clit where the magic happened a few days before.
I know you guys look back at your encounters and I’m telling you I do too. And when it is as good as it can get you want more. I hope he returns and I open the door and he lifts my skirt and his talented tongue and mouth bring me to shudders and moans again….My Mature Gentleman 🙂

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