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The Sexy Blindfold

It was two, maybe three months ago. They were strangers then, but not for long. A rapport began when they spoke over the phone, her voice warm and inviting, almost like an old friend. She sounded so . . . alive! He began to imagine her in his mind, how she would look, how she would feel. . . .

The date was finally set. They would meet at her place. He felt excited at the prospect, but nervous as well. Upon opening the door, wearing a scant negligee, she immediately put that nervousness aside with her warm, welcoming hug. Did she let it linger a little longer than usual, just to feel his arms and broad shoulders? Or to let him feel her hips, firmly, willingly pressed against his? The conversation was casual, even a little playful, but brief. They both felt the anticipation of what was to come. As he undressed, she suggested that they play a little game. She had him put on a blindfold and lie on his back, his hands at his side. He could not touch her as long as he wore the blindfold. But she could touch him.

Now naked herself, she began a light massage, feeling the muscles in his calves, then his thighs, then his chest. She lingered, noticing his arousal as she brushed over his nipples, first with her fingers, then, ever so gently with her lips. As she did so, her hair fell across his chest and stomach. So soft. He wanted to touch it, to caress it, but still he abides by “the rules.” He was now growing hard. As she made her way back down across his stomach, she let her hair fall over and around his penis. He just knew she was about to take him in her mouth, to kiss and lick him to a full erection . . . but she wasn’t through teasing him. What was this game?! Instead, she allowed seemingly every part of her body to gently brush against his cock. Her arms, her legs, her breasts, even her labia, were used to further arouse him. Until he was straining for her to just take it, firmly, with her mouth, her hand, anything! But still she played. . . .

He had never been with a woman who seemed to enjoy exciting him, almost endlessly. He wanted to reciprocate, HAD TO reciprocate.

Finally, she straddled his chest, and allowed him to remove the blindfold. She was now yearning for his touch. Immediately, his hands went to her waist and pulled her up, until she was over his face. His tongue was eager to taste her, as she was anxiously anticipating, but first . . . . He softly kissed the inside of each thigh, alternately flicking his tongue over her skin. The sight of her swollen lips, hovering just over his face, made him hunger all the more.

He rolled her over onto her back, so he could kiss her stomach, slowly making his way down, down, as her hands were running through his hair. She began to utter moans, quietly at first, then louder, as he continued to tease her with his tongue, licking more softly the closer he came to her outer lips. Finally, after what seemed like minutes, he touched her clitoris with the tip of his tongue. Short, sharp gasps for breath were all she could emit.

He knew it was time; he allowed the flat part of his tongue to now glide over her wet clit, with long licks, sending her hips thrusting upward to greet his mouth. He moved over her, so that he appeared ready to at long last penetrate her. Grabbing his cock with one hand, he slid the head up and down over her clit, fully wetting it with her juices, until it became even more swollen. The veins running down his shaft were close to the surface, pulsating. He was more ready than he had ever been to bury his cock in her. Placing just the head inside, she suddenly, desperately, grabbed his hips and pulled him all the way inside her finally releasing the flood that had been building inside.

“Oh, God,” she said, half-laughing, ” I see you like this game as well.”

“You have no idea.”

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