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Hot off the press!!!
I just had this SEXY story submitted to me!!
It will have you dripping 🙂

Submitted on 2012/08/10 at 12:04 pm

Until we meet in a few weeks…

The flight seemed to take longer than usual…it’s always been long, but for some reason this flight seemed like the nexus between heaven and hell. Heaven because the long wait would be over; hell because it wasn’t over soon enough…

I arrive at the hotel at 7:00PM; a beautiful place…shimmering lobby, glass enclosed atrium…a cozy, oak bar off to the left, the check in line to my right. I resist the urge to pay a visit to the bar for a leisurely scotch and make my way to the check-in.

“Welcome to the Four Seasons Mr. Wills. We have you staying for two nights, king bed, non-smoking room. Is that correct?”

“Yes…perfect…thank you.”

The electronic key slips easily into the slot, green light flashing, as I push the door open. The room is surprisingly small but very well appointed. The bed dominates the room but there’s a loveseat at the far end of the room beneath the window overlooking a shrouded downtown LA in the background. I wearily drop my bag on the bed and sit beside it, running my hand over the soft bedspread. I’m tired but exhilarated all at the same time…I stand and begin the mundane task of unpacking my things…toiletries, clothes…the book I was reading on the plane, a copy of the New York Times, my cell phone charger. My head was swimming…mostly from anticipation, partly from fatigue, but I was alert and feeling decidedly wicked. We agreed you’d come by at 9:00PM, just enough time for both of us to both stew in our own anxiety…a strange kind of anxiety; not negative in any way, but the kind of anxiety that comes with desire and total abandon. I pace around the room awhile…I do this often; trying to get a feel for the room, it’s sounds, it’s “feel”.

I decide on a hot shower to rinse the grime and fatigue from my body and mind. I slip out of my clothes, slowly…the act seeming to reflect my utter exhaustion from the journey. The pile of clothes lays at my feet and I make my way to the bathroom. The tile is cold…large marbled squares covering every square inch of the room…floor to ceiling. I reach in and turn on the tap, pulling the shower curtain along its polished rail. I feel the moisture permeate the room as the huge mirror begins to fog. One final test of the water temperature and I’m in…hot, very hot water cascading over my body. I run my fingers through my hair and let the water stream down my face. My mind is racing…I want you…desperately. I glide the bar of soap over my body…arms, legs, neck, chest, belly…

…it is at this moment that I realize my cock is hard; I lather my cock and balls, gently stroking myself, resisting the temptation to finish the job. The urge is strong, but the stronger urge right now is to be clean. My cum belongs to you and it is to you that it will go. I step out of the shower, grab one of the large, soft towels on the side rail and wrap it around my waist. I take a smaller hand towel and wipe the fog from the mirror, studying my face and decide to have a shave. A few quick strokes and I’m through…just a touch up here and there. I towel off, comb my hair, and rifle through my bag for a pair of slacks, a blue button down shirt, navy blue socks, and burgundy loafers.

It is 8:50PM…

I’m sitting on the sofa beneath the window, alternately crossing and uncrossing my legs. The wait is killing me; what will she be wearing? What will be my very first view of you? What will be the first scent I detect? What will my hand feel like as I touch you for the first time…

9:08PM…the goddamn digital clock is torturing me.

Suddenly, my frustrated silence is broken by the tinny sound of the phone, red light flashing.


“I’m in the lobby…I want you to come get me…I think you’ll find me”

The door slams behind me as I make my way to the elevator; a small group of people join me as we wait for the car to arrive. I enter first as the others pile in behind me. I want to be the last person out of the elevator, I want you to stare at the door opening, I want you to strain to see who comes out next, I want you to experience the same anticipation I’ve been feeling all day. I pause for dramatic effect, letting the others exit, count to 10, and step out. I look left then right…like an eager young man. It doesn’t take me long. There you are, standing next to the faux waterfall to the left of the elevators. There is a glow around you…a beautiful burgundy colored dress clinging to your body, falling just below the knees, deep, plunging neckline revealing the most beautiful chocolate skin and full breasts. Black pumps with wispy ankle straps accentuate your calves…

The face…radiant, glowing, hungry…you radiate a lot of things…grace, intelligence, and above all, sensuality. I move towards you…smiling, giddy…you move towards me as well. There is magnetism about you and I feel the pull. Without a word, I embrace you, inhale you, my arms completely around you. I kiss you gently on the cheek, pull back slightly and simply stare at you…your eyes are moist…dewy…captivating. My arms never leave your hips; my fingers tracing the outline of your back…softly. You pull me in close and hug me hard…I can feel your breath on my neck; I whisper to you…

“Finally…you’re just beautiful; come with me.”

I reach for your hand as we move towards the elevator. We both may be hungry, but food isn’t on the menu…at least right now. The elevator door slides open and I usher you in, my hand dancing on the small of your back. Somewhat surprisingly, no one else enters as the door slides shut. I press “16″ and feel the elevator move. Instantly, I pull you close, my lips finding yours…soft, full; at first I kiss you softly…that’s just who you are, then, the moment takes us and we kiss deeply, tongues lashing violently, our breathing becoming hard and fast. My hands want you, my mouth wants you…the clingy silk of your dress beckons me…my hands roam, as do yours. I caress your arms, your shoulders, your back…finally gripping your hips, then most deliberately, your ass…

…you reach between my legs, trying to put a tactile feel to what you’ve been daydreaming about all these long months. I laugh…and squeeze your ass harder, kneading you, pulling you closer. A loud bell chimes and the elevator door opens. A couple, perhaps in their 60s gawks, somewhat un-approvingly of what they’ve just encountered. We break our embrace and absentmindedly chuckle at the moment. I grab your hand and fairly pull you out of the elevator and make our way down the hall. The key quickly unlocks the door and I guide you in…one small lamp next to the couch illuminating the room, but the distant lights from LA create a more comfortable glow. I move to the couch, turn the lamp off, and take a seat. I want to look at you…

“Just stand there for a minute; please…if you don’t mind.”

Words really don’t do you justice, so I don’t waste any. You seem a little off guard…just standing there, the glow from the window casting a thin film of light over you. I try to imagine what you’re thinking. A little nervous perhaps…turned on maybe? I gaze at what is mine…I pick up your fragrance from across the room, even more so than when we were embracing and kissing in the elevator. Maybe it’s the setting, but i have never seen anything more beautiful or alluring in my life. There is another scent in the room…unmistakable. I smell your sex…and breathe in deeply. Without uttering a word, you reach behind you and untie the elegant, thin material that keeps that dress on you. With each hand, you slide the dress off each shoulder and let it fall to the floor; you study my face closely and flash a slightly bemused smile at me mixed with a small dose of submission. Your body is a treasure…lacy white and pink panties hug your hips; a matching bra contains you; a thin gold chain around your neck plunges and collects between your breasts…and the shoes; well the shoes just punctuate the vision of it all….

I can only whisper one word…barely getting it from my throat, past my lips…


You smile, silently…your right hand moves…slowly, tracing with one lovely, manicured finger along your right thigh, then between your legs, over the lacy fabric that clearly outlines your labia, then…slowly upward over your belly, coming to rest over your right breast, swirling around your visibly taut nipple. With your left hand, you reach behind you and magically unhook your bra, allowing it to fall from your body, joining the dress at your feet. Such a lovely sight. A goddess with a capital “G”. I am paralyzed with an odd mixture of desire, hunger and trepidation, but understand completely you are surrendering to me…in every way possible, offering yourself to me, body and soul. You move towards me…slowly; your tongue gently grazing your lips, moistening them…

…your movement towards me is slow…much to my liking; I detect the slightest of nervousness in you, but there is also a confidence painted across your face. Your breasts bounce ever so slightly as you draw closer. I have no intention of moving from this perfect vantage point. My eyes follow you…from the perfect “fuck me” black pumps to your calves and thighs, then to the “V” of your pussy so perfectly framed by the last remaining stitch of clothing on you, to your taut belly, to the perfectly rounded breasts and nipples…stiff, aching to be sucked and ravaged, to your neck…so ripe for nibbling, to the lips so hungry for contact…and finally, to the eyes that speak volumes.

Almost as if by magic, you stop inches before me…my view from the sofa is close to perfection…my direct line of sight is your hungry pussy; my mouth instantly moistens with the knowledge that it belongs to me…

…you take my hand, carefully folding back each finger until only one is erect, my middle finger. You trace the slit of your pussy for me, with my finger…daring me, wanting me to feel the sloppy flood that is building between your legs; your body shudders as my finger is guided over the lace; you place your left arm on my shoulder to maintain balance, but you know, as do I, that this will only get more intense. With my free hand I reach for a tit…so soft, so full, and squeeze. I can hear your breathing quicken, my middle finger now pressing your slit, completely independent of your hand. Deftly pulling your panties aside, my finger grazes a small tuft of hair…I like that; you’re a woman, not a young girl…my finger is moist and the smell of sex, your sex…is now a cloud that surrounds us. In one swift movement, I slide my finger inside of you accompanied with a firm squeeze of your breast…and you gasp.

“Cum for me…cum on my finger; let me taste you….”

I steadily finger fuck you, withdrawing momentarily to offer my now soaked finger to you. I paint your lips, then gently force into your mouth; I want you to taste and understand the object of my desire. My need to replace the finger in your mouth with my now rigid dick is nearly overwhelming, but this is going to be my fun now…my playground. I release my measured grip from your breast and pull my finger from your most willing mouth…leaving you untouched and panting. In one swift movement, I place my hands in the elastic of your panties and tear them off…violently; the sound of fabric shredding is so very erotic…slightly unnerving, but it elicits a muffled scream from you…a sound of surprise, but also a sound of complete submission to my whims and desires.

I stand…facing you, eye to eye, my hands now cupping your tits; I lean in to kiss you, tasting your pussy for the very first time…my pussy. Taking you by the hand, I lead you to the window overlooking the city. I move the curtains to each side, move behind you, and gently walk you directly up to the glass. I want you on display for all the world to see, nude…the model of perfection and sexuality. I move closer behind you, the weight of my body pressing you against the glass. The glass is cold against your tits…my hands rest on your hips, the bulge in my pants pressed against you, and again, I can feel your breathing become deep. Your body goes limp against mine, but I grab your wrists and place your arms high over your head, flat against the window.

“Don’t move….”

I kneel down behind you, on my knees, embracing your magnificent thighs as I push your legs apart slightly. My tongue finds the perfect groove between your ass cheeks and I paint a thin line of saliva from rosebud to pussy, savoring the taste and texture of you… the tip of my tongue slices your cunt in two…sweet, juicy. My right hand moves around you, to your belly, then down…my fingers probing for your clit hidden under that sweet tender flesh…my other hand replaces my tongue and you feel a firm finger enter you; the response is delicious…I can feel you spasm; you’re completely exposed…pressed against the glass, on display, a finger playing in your pussy and your muffled moans visible to anyone who might be gazing up from the street. The orgasm is powerful; I feel you grip my finger, then much to my delight, I feel a warm flood trickling down my arm…

…”Turn around baby”.

Your slightly wobbly legs move you from facing the street, exposed, raw…to facing me; I notice your skin is glistening and warm to the touch. I nuzzle my mouth in your neck and lick the faintly salty sweat from you…you are a feast of tastes and smells.

“On your knees young lady…I have something for you…”

I feel your tits graze the fabric of my slacks as you squat before me…I casually lean against the back of the sofa; your hands now resting on my thighs. Your perched in your pumps, legs spread…a very willing mouth inches from the cock that belongs to you but not yet visible.

“Unzip me…”

Your thumb and forefinger delicately, slowly pull the zipper down…the low, tinny sound is the only sound that pierces the quiet of the room…

“Take it…take it out…”

The warmth of your hand fishing in my boxers immediately hardens me…my thick tool leaps out and you grip the shift; I detect a devilish smile cross your lips and as if by instinct, you run your tongue over your lips.

“Stroke it baby…slowly; feel it.”

I reach for your right hand and do precisely what you did to me earlier; I fold each finger down until a beautifully manicured middle finger is all that’s standing. I guide you to the tip of my cock…the little slit now oozing pre-cum, and rub your finger over it, spreading the warm goo over the head of my cock, then…not so gently, forcing your finger into your mouth.

“You want this…you want cum… you want to make my cock disappear. Make me cum baby… show me what a perfect cocksucker you are… make me believe it.”

I reach behind your head and draw you in; your mouth opens and I glide the head of my raging hard-on into your warm, willing mouth…

“I’m going to fuck your mouth baby…slowly, then hard; I wanna use this mouth as another wet pussy; look at me…suck this dick staring into my eyes; make me believe yours is the only mouth and face that can please me…”

The low moan from deep within you is animalistic. Your mouth effortlessly glides down over the length of my shaft; I can feel your tongue as you go, tickling the underside of my cock, tracing the veined ridge all the way down until I feel your lower lip graze my swelling balls and the tip of my cock enters your throat. What a wonderful cocksucker! Your mouth is on fire and thoroughly wet, saliva coating the thin skin of my cock. This could last forever I think to myself…in so many ways. I think standing before you how erotic this is; you…squatting before me, pussy lips spread, tits pressed against my thighs, your hands resting on my belly, your eyes barely blinking as you stare into my eyes, mouth full of ripe, hard dick…trying to please me and not even having a clue of how well you are accomplishing the task…and also not having a clue as to what is to come…total pleasure…

“That’s it baby…suck it; lick the head…swirl your tongue around the crown…poke your tongue in the slit; taste me…oooooooh; that’s my baby!”

I take my hands and place them on either side of your head, holding you still. Slowly, I force my hips forward, gently fucking your mouth with long, slow strokes…careful not to choke you; that may come later I chuckle to myself. I withdraw slowly and glide my wet, throbbing dick across your cheek, then your nose, then your lips…

“Feel this against your face; do you like? Do you want more? Tell daddy what you want sweet heart…”

Before you can even answer, I part your lips again, easing my length into you…I know you want to say something, but this is fun…toying with you. I bury my dick deep down your throat; you’re good…great in fact; treating my member to a most delicious throat fuck…your eyes once again lock to mine, but this time I see something else; aggression. You are the most interesting combination of naked aggression and raw submission; you turn me on in ways I struggle to describe. You stare me down…daring me to force more of me in your mouth. You grip my tightening balls as you bathe my shaft; I grab the back of your head and accept your challenge, forcing you down further…your eyes begin to tear up; but it isn’t pain…it’s a mixture of slight fear and determination, trying to swallow me alive and whole. If you could, you’d probably want me to force my dick so far down your throat I could probably reach your pussy.

You grab my wrists and force them to my sides. Now you really go to work; your head bobbing up and down, sometimes forcing the head of my dick into your cheek, then making sure you look at me so I can see this vision of you…mouth full of dick. Your moans become loud and I notice for the first time, you’ve reached between your legs and are fingering your impossibly wet pussy; diddling your clit for your pleasure and mine. You pop your mouth off my cock and scoop the goo your pussy is spewing onto the head…painting it then offering what’s left to my hungry mouth…sweet, sticky; all I’ll ever need to eat tonight.

You toy with the tip of my cock…tasting you and me. Something comes over you; you realize you’re on display for the world to see. Making love to my member…the lights of LA illuminating the room. You grab my hips and turn me sideways…for anyone looking up into the room, they would see the most beautiful silhouette…me, standing, cock dangling from my slacks; you…sucking me off expertly. Your pace quickens…your head is like the piston of an engine, churning out pleasure. I rest my hands on your shoulders and urge you on.

“Suck it baby doll…make me cum.”

I look down at the top of your head; an equally beautiful sight. I notice a small dark spot on the beige carpet and realize your pussy is dripping with desire; too great a temptation to pass up here and now. I pull my cock out of your mouth and resume my spot leaning against the back of the sofa, spinning you around so you face the window. I back you up against me and plunge my meat in your pussy; you gasp, and push back hard…this is heaven; a pussy so wet and willing that I nearly slip out…I grab your hips and pull you back, then push you forward, tits swinging free. I reach around you and fondle you, tweaking your rock hard nipples purely for my enjoyment. I thrust harder, fucking you for all I’m worth. This is raw, naked aggression…fucking you…practically in public, secretly hoping…praying someone is watching you get pounded from behind….

“You like this baby? I need to fill you with cum baby…cum with me”.

Almost as if on cue, I feel my orgasm building…I feel you tighten your grip. I’m sweating profusely…as are you. The smells and sounds fill the room; your very vocal now, urging me to pound your cunt, fill your cunt….you moan deeply and a high pitched squeal utters from you. I feel a torrent of warm juice coat my balls and run down my inner thighs…you go silent, but I know it’s you cumming for me…deeply concentrating on the warmth that washes over and through your body. You feel my cock head swell…then coo at the warm jets of ropey cum that splash your insides as I grunt all the feelings and emotions I have for you…

…my body quivers; I don’t ever want to pull out of you; I just want to keep cumming, keep spasming in you. I kiss your back…drenched with perspiration and grab your tits for dear life, squeezing hard…you pant uncontrollably; we are at this moment, two animals, losing all sense of humanity…grinding against each other, using each other, until the moment dissipates…a serenity washing over us. You slump back against me, your right hand reaching behind you, running your fingers through my hair. I sense my cum leaking out of you and running down your thighs, knowing…

…knowing this was all worth the wait

One response to “THIS is HOT

  1. wow. wow. wow. 🙂 OK, whew! lol. I’m convinced this steamy sexual encounter is straight out of one of those so-call “one-hander” books that a lot of women like to read. (I see why now, lol). But, that’s not how I would be with a beautiful woman like you. While I would feel the same kind of joy and amazement at your beautiful body, face and overwhelming femininity, the kind that just takes a mans breath away, the kind that just melts a man and brings him to tears, I just couldn’t speak those demeaning and demanding commands at you as if you were his sex slave, not if I cared about you. And I have heard repeatedly my whole life that women like to be dominated by a rough-guy type. I don’t know why. The “rough guy” is willing to treat you in a rough manner because he doesn’t care about you as a human being, having your own feelings and desires in life, to be happy. He uses you to gratify his base desires. I feel all of the desires the man in the story felt. I felt the yearning inside me to experience all of it. I want that like crazy, but I would want it to be something beautiful that we shared. I’m not the best looking guy around. So, I’m sure that I would never get your attention any other way unless I had something to offer you in return. But, to make love to a beautiful girl like you in the manner that I just read. I’m certain it would be a dream that I would wake up from and try my best to remember every detail for the rest of my life. Brent.

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